Il y a d’abord nos parents qui nous ont enregistrés, mes frères et moi, quand nous étions enfants.
Et puis il y a ce lot de cassettes achetées au marché aux puces, castings publicité pour une sucrerie. Des pépites précieuses, un trésor fabuleux…

« Video piece that explores the following few elements present in the artist’s emotive landscape: Creation, Art, Kidulthood and Estrangement. To create this work, artist used two tapes, one visual and one audio, and then combined them together for a desired effect. What can be seen in this work, is a video footage containg material recorded at a casting for a popular sugary treat advertisment, which then has been carefully transformed by the artist to represent the process of creation itself, in its most innocent, uninhibited and therefore fun type of guise. The sound recordings used in this piece are personal tapes treasured by the artist’s family and contain the voices of the artist’s family. The video conveys a message in which art does not ask to be misunderstood. Nevertheless when the artifice stumbles against grounding hums of reality, and when art becomes faced with a case of misconception caused by certain aspects of it, the loss of a meaning never becomes problematic or in any way diminishes the existance of beautiful jest within. This video piece, being independently, and all at once: Creation, Art, Kiduldhood and Estrangement, is a fresh representation of that very ideal. »

S. N.


c ydl 2014