« (…) How would I describe Yannick as a person ? Simply look through the pages of this book and you will find the essence of who he was during that tumultuous period when he lived and worked in paris. »
Max Shellman

I Want Guarantees by Yannick Dangin Leconte

06/13/07-06/13/11 user #695
An almost me that unfolds over four years of drawing. Four years of searching, of groping, of declining, four years of flow, now together in this book.
More than 280 pages of full color reproductions of Yannick’s drawings.

13,06,2007-13,06,2011 user #695
un presque moi qui se déploie sur quatre années de dessins; quatre années à chercher, quatre années à tâtonner, à décliner, quatre années de flux maintenant réunies en livre.

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