Filmography director and editor, music video and short movies (selection)

Vlog (250 videos, in process) 2005-20

Vaut mieux bien se cacher, 2014
Dans l’an 2000 il y a 2, Do Something Supernatural, The Vampire Execution, 2013

Blank Night Celebration, 2007
Leader Gagner Regner, Me regarde pas comme ça, 2005
Please be mine, 2004
L’allemand aux cheveux blancs, 2001


Cold World 2013
The Hypnoflip Invasion Live 2012
Stupeflip Vite, Gaëlle (Live au Bataclan), 2011
LeDVD (documentaire 52 min + live 40 min), La Menuiserie, 2010


Transient, 2013
Scale, 2012


Runners, 2013
Néo Primitif, Mono, A step Outside, Renouveau Ordinaire, Life x-press, 2011
Exhibition, Paris 1924, Pièce Radiophonique, Iris, Runners, 2007
Propagande, 2006-2013


Low Connection, 2011


Christmas Machine, 2009

Black Devil Disco Club

Dali, Molecule Dance, Dangerous Mixture, 2009
Open The night, 2008

Alex Sindrome

Tous à la Batmobile ! , 2013

In Broken English

Sometimes the scars, Shake it, 2011
Criminals, Your hands, Like a Dancer, Cheap Down Grade, Food for worms, In Your Sound, 2008
My head machine, 2007

Copilote Recordings

Complexe (Eedio, Silicon Scally remix), Enö (Eedio), 2011
White Display (Faceless Mind), Timeless Message (Faceless mind), 2010
Transdance (Nightmoves), 2008
Stereolize (S.Y.R.O.B, the hacker remix), Stereolize (S.Y.R.O.B), Copilote Theme, SYROB, 2007


High Level Slacker, 2008

Morthem Vlade Art

10mg, My ear at night, Flow, Uncertains Days, 2006

Nine Inch Nails (ghost series)

My rising sun (nin ghost 32.IV), 2010
My see you outside (sandcastle mix) (nin ghost 28.IV), 2010
My mutant father matter (nin ghost 9.I), 2009
There’s nothing, nowhere (nin ghost 13.II), 2009
My see the USA (nin ghost 12.II), 2008
My leave a million message (nin ghost 34.IV), 2008
My broken my (nin ghost 4.I), 2008